Amtico Spacia Maintenance

These are some common questions about maintaining Amtico Spacia floors.

Why do you recommend I exercise care with certain rubber backed mats?

In some circumstances it is possible for the products used in the manufacture of the rubber to migrate onto the resilient floor and leave black stains on the tiles.

I am having difficulty achieving a uniform finish with Floor Dressing.

There could be a number of causes of this:

Possible Cause: Dirty Equipment
Solution: Strip floor again and re-apply dressing with clean equipment.

Possible Cause: Too little Dressing
Solution: Damp mop and apply further coats.

Possible Cause: Too few Coats
Solution: Damp mop and apply further coats

Possible Cause: Second coat applied before first dried
Solution: Strip floor again and re-apply dressing allowing each coat to dry.

Possible Cause: Wrong maintenance product used/incorrect dilution
Solution: Use Amtico recommended floor cleaner at the correct dilution.

Do I need to apply Floor Dressing to an Amtico floor?

For the majority of locations the use of dressing is not necessary, but may be preferred where a shine is required. For further details please contact Amtico.

How should I protect my Amtico floor against furniture?

Table and chair legs can scratch Amtico flooring so should be protected by the application of felt pads to the underside of the feet.

How can I remove black scuff marks from my floor?

Use a cloth moistened with correctly diluted Amtico Floor Cleaner. A non-abrasive nylon scouring pad may be used for more persistent marks. It may be worth applying Amtico Floor Dressing, which could offer some additional protection

How do I remove scratches from my Amtico floor?

The appearance of surface scratches can be minimised by thoroughly cleaning the floor and applying Amtico Floor Dressing.

How should I clean up spillages?

Spillages should be cleaned up immediately by first wiping with absorbent paper, and then thoroughly mopped or wiped with Amtico cleaner/maintainer. The floor should then be rinsed and allowed to dry.

I am having difficulty removing Floor Dressing.

There can be various causes of this:

Possible Cause: Wrong dressing applied
Solution: Find out what has been applied and take appropriate action.

Possible Cause: Dressing build-up
Solution: Repeat dressing remover process until polish removed. A build up cannot be removed by a single application of dressing remover.

Possible Cause: Incorrect dressing remover dilution
Solution: Check dressing remover dilution. Also use cold water with Amtico dressing remover.

Possible Cause: Dressing remover slurry dried which causes yellow/brown floor stains
Solution: Repeat dressing remover process and keep floor wet.

Possible Cause: Insufficient dressing remover contact time
Solution: Follow manufacturer's instructions.

Can spilled liquids seep through tile edges/custom cuts?

If the tiles have been correctly installed using the recommended adhesives then spilled liquids will be restricted from seeping through the joints. As with all floors, spills must be dealt with immediately as wet floors can be slippery.

What Floor Dressing products are recommended?

Amtico floor dressing gives a sateen finish designed to retain the original appearance. We recommend and sell a three-product maintenance system:

  1. Floor Dressing - protection against hard wear & tear.
  2. Floor Dressing Remover - must be used on newly laid floor to ensure good adhesion of dressing - 24 hours for adhesive to dry - thoroughly cleans floor - must be completely rinsed off. Floor dressing remover is also used to periodically remove old and worn dressing.
  3. Floor Cleaner - easy maintenance, for damp mopping floor when soiled.

What is the best way to clean an Amtico floor?

Amtico is very easy to keep clean. Vacuum or sweep the floor with a soft, clean brush to remove any loose grit and dirt as necessary. Occasionally, around once a week, mop the floor with a damp mop using Amtico Floor Cleaner. If the floor has been dressed, the finish will need to be stripped off and reapplied from time to time - see Floor Dressing for more information.

What special care is needed for a new Amtico floor?

Do not wash a new floor for 48 hours after installation to allow the adhesive to set. The floor may then be vacuumed or swept to remove any dirt then damp mopped with clean warm water. Remove any excess adhesive by rubbing with a nylon pad moistened with Amtico Adhesive Remover.

If you decide to apply Amtico Floor Dressing please follow the product instructions carefully. In essence, carefully clean the floor with dilute Floor Dressing Remover as directed using a clean bucket and mop. Rinse the floor thoroughly with clean water and allow to dry.

Then apply the Floor Dressing to a clean mop or cloth and spread across the floor in even strokes taking care to cover the entire floor. Follow the instructions carefully. Once the whole area has been covered, allow it to dry completely. It is recommended that a minimum of two coats of dressing are applied.

Where can I buy Amtico floor maintenance products?

From your Approved Amtico Retailer

Will dogs scratch an Amtico floor?

The super-tough wear layer will provide protection from most pets. Clipping the dogs nails and/ or using Amtico Dressing to provide extra protection may be advisable